Top Reasons Mothers Can Lose Custody of a Child

How can a Mother Lose Custody of her Child?

Top Reasons Mothers Can Lose Custody of a Child

There are many reasons a mother would not get custody of her minor child or children based on serious grounds. The allegations upon a mother’s inability to look after her child cannot be taken lightly as some parties get away with their lies and take the child’s custody with fake proof. However, certain conditions can revoke a mother’s right to gaining her kids custody in court. We can understand that you might be a mother yourself, and you might think, how can a mother lose custody and the children are given away to the fathers or other relatives alive. It is not always the case that a mother loses custody, but there are instances where it does happen, and it is mostly due to misconduct on the mother’s part that the court orders to take away the custody of her child and give it to the father instead.

Reasons to take a child away from mother.

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There are many reasons that can make a mother lose custody of her father, but a majority of them involve the poor or misconduct of the mother in one situation or the other. Following are a few reasons that have taken away child custody from their mothers:

  • The primary reason for a mother to lose custody of her children is abuse, which can be emotional or physical, or sexual abuse as well. It is always shocking for society to digest the fact that a woman can also be involved in child abuse, it may not be very common, but it does exist. Physical abuse includes hitting, scratching, burning, biting, etc., whereas sexual abuse may involve any inappropriate sexual activity between the child and the mother. Lastly, emotional abuse may involve harsh or outrageous treatments with the child on a regular basis. 
  • Another significant reason is child neglect. Mother is required to be the primary caretaker of a child, be it at an infant age or later teenage years, mother’s role is considered to be the nurturing and comforting one. A mother who is not attentive towards her child’s basic needs, like their health, their access to good education, etc., is all at a risk of losing custody of their child altogether. Moreover, child neglect includes instances where a mother leaves the child with no food or proper clothes or shelter, etc. It is a given; no perfect parent exists, they all have their own way of parenting, but there are certain codes of conduct that are expected from them, which they have to abide by legally. This particular reasons for child neglect are sometimes difficult to prove since a majority of it happens within the house premises, and no one is there to record it, but if you want to remove the mother from having any custody rights, you need to be vigilant and extremely careful in gaining more pieces of evidence to prove the mother’s carelessness towards her children. These allegations are mostly done by children’s teachers or the daycare workers who observe the child, and sometimes children open up to them regarding the behaviors of their mothers or any family members at home. In such a scenario, the father or the opposing party can use these testimonies to prove the misconduct of the mother. 
  • People have all sorts of addictions, and they tend to struggle with them as well, be it alcohol or drug addiction, they all have a certain amount of control over a person’s behavior altogether. If a mother is in any kind of substance abuse, she can be questioned for her ability to look after her children. A mother can be reported for a dependency on substances of drugs or alcohol by anyone, a neighbor, a close family member or anyone and her custody rights and even her visitation rights will be revoked. To prove her allegations of substance abuse, the court will need drug testing as well. In the majority of the cases, a mother who is addicted to drugs and alcohol is also reported for child neglect as well.


It is all about your choice as a parent, whether you wish your child to remain in an unhealthy and rather unsafe environment because all the above-stated reasons can have a substantial impact on their entire lives, and it is better if a mother loses custody. In such scenarios, it is always better to look for legal advice as soon as possible in order to take the right decision for the betterment of the children involved in any such settlements.

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