What is Dissolution of Marriage?

dissolution of marriage

What is Dissolution of Marriage?

Dissolution of marriage is a legal terminology used by the court of law for divorce. It happens when two people who are married legally, they undergo the court process to have their marriage terminated. The divorce process takes orders in relation to the alimony, changes in the family name, division of property, child custody and spousal support altogether. What does dissolution of marriage mean?, it is nothing different than a divorce and it is mainly a process to permanently end the marriage.  

Dissolution of Marriage versus Divorce

The legal dissolution of marriage is basically a legal process that potentially terminates the marriage agreement between partners. It is fairly common that marriage dissolution and divorce process are used interchangeably, but legally these two terms have different meanings. Dissolution of marriage is also sometimes considered to be similar as no fault divorce which means that when any couple files for dissolution, neither of them are required to give any evidence of wrongdoing whatsoever. There are many states in the U.S. that no longer use the term divorce process in legal advice, the term dissolution of marriage is used interchangeably symbolizing the no-fault approach for terminating the marriage between partners. 

The primary difference between a dissolution of marriage and divorce is whether or not the two parties, the husband and wife, are alleging any faults of the other partners and making it as grounds of the divorce decree. A divorce process involves one party alleging fault on the other partner, which serves as the grounds for terminating the marriage agreement. There are some states that layout the specific causes of divorce or dissolution of marriage so that there is no discrepancy of any kind. Divorce is predominantly the only option that the partners are left with when they do not have any other grounds to agree upon in cohesion. 

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Legal Separation

A legal separation mainly involves the court ordering the married people to file for separation which implies that the court will be involved in making orders about the children but the people remain married until notified otherwise. This is mostly done to pursue religious virtues, where the people may not feel the need to stay together in a marriage but their religion does not allow them for divorce decree whatsoever. 

Usually when people file for legal separation, they really want the court to intervene and start living separately. This time off from one another tends to give the partners some time to decide at a later date whether they wish to file for a divorce or not. In some cases, partners file for legal separation and a divorce decree altogether to take some time to think whether will be their final order. In cases where one partner wants legal separation and one asks the court for a divorce, the court is likely to order for a divorce. 


To sum it up, the process of dissolution of marriage and the divorce process are two different legal matters altogether. Before opting for any decision to dissolve the marriage, one must consider what kind of options they have. They do not have to necessarily take a drastic decision instantly they can take some time to think as well through a legal separation. Managing such legal matters can be extremely fretful due to the multiple people involved, the partners, the minor children, the money matters etc., it is always better to take legal advice to take the correct measures under the family law stated by the government. There is ample guidance given under the legal system which can help the people in decisions relating to the dissolution of marriage in an effective manner.

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